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  • Excessive ATM Activity
  • Burst in beneficial activity
  • Circulation of funds
  • Excessive cash/cash-equivalent transactions
  • Frequent loan activity
  • Monitoring transactions of Politically active persons (PEP), Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories (NCCT), FATF blacklist countries
  • Early repayment of loans
  • Tax Evasion
  • Trade Finance
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  • Insider trading
  • Front running
  • Tailgating
  • Wash trades
  • Price ramping
  • Painting the tape
  • Layering
  • Trading volume spike
  • Trading price spike
  • Passive and large orders monitoring
  • Excessive cancel and corrects
  • Frequent changes to instructions
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  • Assignment to unrelated parties
  • Third Party Payment
  • Monitoring of Top-ups
  • Monitoring of policies from Sensitive location
  • High Value Cash Transactions
  • Policy Cancellation
  • Single owner multiple policies
  • Surrender of policies
  • High Risk payment
  • Multiple Free look cancellations
  • Investment does not commensurate with Income
  • Frequent change in Address
  • Unusual number of policy owner per address

Name Screening

Name Screening - Advanced features that save time and money

increase name matching accuracy and reduce remediation time to support a simplified and accelerated customer due diligence process. In many cases, false positives have been reduced from 30% to 50%. Try online »

Know Your Customer - Enhanced Due Diligence

provide the end-to-end customer risk assessment from customer onboarding to regular customer risk level review, centralize the customer risk level for the Bank and share with other systems to have a consist customer view.

Know Your Customer

Payment Filtering

Payment Filtering - Watchlist filtering for PEP, Terror, Sanction, etc

generates high quality hits with low false positives; enterprise-wide watch list coverage, multi-jurisdictional screening across business units and integrated investigations provide end-to-end coverage for firms.

Transaction Monitoring - Alert generation and case management

enables end-to-end coverage for the detection, scoring, alerting, workflow processing, and reporting of suspicious activity related to money laundering and terrorist financing; supports the full investigation life cycle with an integrated case management platform; improving staff productivity and helping firms meet regulatory obligations in a cost-efficient manner.

Transaction Monitoring